Hello all my name is Eugen Iliescu!   

All things about my business: I have recently joined the space with my new start up business Softinvest Technologies Ltd UK and I specialise in IT software and business support. I have many partnerships globally already but my newest venture will be my partnership with a US company which is set to happen very soon. As expected of any new start up business I am working very hard with a wide range of potential leads to build up a great client base.What makes my business very unique is that I am on a one man mission to maximise profit and business volume for each and every customer by implementing many cost effective solutions.

Why did I choose Freedom Works? I decided to join the co-working space here in Chichester for two main reasons. One reason is that I feel this place is clearly a state of the art business incubator for businesses around the area and the second reason has to be the staff. Both Jodie, Yazz and Shane have been so great, helpful and kind. I feel that by working here I have everything that I could possibly need for my business to develop further on a cost effective budget. Although I am currently in my office alone I hope to expand my time over time.

My proudest achievements in life?
I have two life achievements that I am so very proud of, one is holding a full UK citizenship which will allow me to bring my expertise into this country. However my main proudest achievement is of course my amazing family which includes my beautiful wife who is a senior dentist based in Chichester and 17-year- old son who is currently studying at Lancing College.

Where I see myself in the future, my motivation and what inspires me… In the next few years my goal is to be the local leading IT software company. I feel that the two ingredients to stay motivated in the business world are to be smart and hard working and I have always made sure that I do this. I absolutely love bringing my global business expertise to each place I work with. My business hero will always be Bill Gates. Bill had a very interesting vision with technology over 25 years ago and he has made it become a true reality.

A bit about my personal life?
In my spare time you can find me playing many sports whether it is swimming, martial arts being a black belt in karate or playing golf. Goodwood has become one of my favorite places to enjoy a few games of golf. I also enjoy spending time with my family going for dinners or a trip down to Chichester Festival Theatre which has become another one of my favourite places in the area.

What I would do if I won the lottery? If I won the lottery I would treat my family and buy them an amazing house and then invest the rest of my money into local businesses around West Sussex.

What did you want to be when you were younger and do you have any regrets?
When I was young I actually wanted to be a writer like Yazz! but It was clear that I excelled in the business area. I would not go back and change anything in life as life is one on-going lesson as you live and you learn
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