The team at BAPEI Consulting have only been with us for a few weeks but they have really got involved with the community spirit here and are pleased to say they are settling in really well.

We asked Mo, who is a Director at BAPEI, to tell us a little more about the company.

' BAPEI is a consultancy business which has three main aspects- recruitment, consultancy and training. Our main focus is based around technology and we have over 20 years of experience between us!"

The whole team at BAPEI are really positive and fun to have around so we were not surprised by Mo's answer to our next question. What would you like to see go into room 101? " I would like to see negativity go into room 101. I believe that positivity is hope and that is all we have. This is part of our core values as a company and what BAPEI stands for ...


My vision for BAPEI is offering a more personal service based on our values."

With such commitment to the company we asked Mo what he liked to do in his spare time. " I mostly like to spend my spare time improving my golf game."

Finally we asked Mo what he would do if he won the lottery jackpot. "As corny as this sounds I would set up a training academy to train the younger generation on the values of BAPEI (after travelling the world!)."

BAPEI Consulting - Thank you for being our Member of the Month for November!