And just like that we have reached our final blog of the Freedom Works Networking Series but do not fear as this week’s blog on internal connections is sure to give you vital tips to develop your networking strategies.

Running four creative co-working spaces across the south coast, our Community Managers  have seen first hand the power a simple coffee catch up in the communal space can have on individual business owners. These conversations can lead to either collaborations, new employment opportunities and so much more.

What is the most important part of gaining internal connections?

WORD OF MOUTH is one of the only totally cost free methods of marketing and networking. This technique has been around forever and has proven to be effective in every area of business whether you are a writer looking for new articles or perhaps a counsellor branching out to develop your client base, a simple chat is all it may take.

Jamie Turner, Author, Speaker, and CEO of the 60 Second Marketer said: “Word of mouth will never go out of style. It is, and will remain, the #1 way people make choices about brands.”

So after all, is it who you know over what you know?

In order to get you prepared with how to approach either fellow colleagues or businesses in the same space as yourself, we have gathered a few top tips:

  1. Company events- Be sure to attend as many internal and external social and business events as you can as this makes a great impression on your entire team. Here at Freedom Works we host several networking and social events and it is so great to see the quantity of attendees forever growing throughout our spaces. These events are the perfect opportunity to develop your contacts book at the very least.

  1.  Lunchtime- Would you believe that networking opportunities could be available over a cheese and pickle sandwich? Well guess what they can. Despite having a particularly busy day it is vital we have a screen break and something to eat to give us energy so why not use this as a chance to make a business connection or partnership. During lunch breaks people are the most relaxed they will be in the day so it is so simple to have a casual conversation. In each of our spaces we host monthly shared lunches as we have seen so many networking successes off the back of these.

  1.  Support others efforts/successes- Simply keeping up to date with fellow like minded people can open many networking doors. Showing an honest interest into the lives of colleagues or fellow office occupiers builds a strong foundation and quite often these people will spread positive comments about you. Genuine effort and care is recognised more than people may realise so truly being a kind person is a great skill to bring forward for networking.

That is all for this week’s blog and we truly hope you have all taken some tips from our Networking Series and from everyone at Freedom Works we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We shall see you in 2020 for a fresh and inspiring blog!

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