Welcome back to another Freedom Works blog and just like that we are almost 6 weeks into 2020! So we have decided to wave a big goodbye to any negative vibes and January blues in order to prepare for a year of great things, big progression and successful business.

How can you achieve these things? 

The biggest tool you will need…. Is making sure you are 100% at your best. Whether you are not feeling great mentally, physically or emotionally, these things can all have a knock on effect for your work life performance.

Did you know?

  • According to a recent survey by the CV library a total of 89% of UK workers with mental health problems report an impact on their working life. Admittedly mental well being is being discussed more regularly than ever but still a massive 60.2% of professionals said they would be embarrassed disclosing information about the state of their mental being to their employers.

The Financial Times 2019 report on Health At Work reports revealed the following facts:

  • 35.1% of employees say that they sleep less than seven hours per night, and approximately 42% have problems with the quality of their sleep.

  • 56.4% of surveyed employees suffer from at least one dimension of work-related stress.

  • 35.1% of employees reported having felt unwell as a consequence of work-related stress.

  • Employees who have financial concerns are losing more than twice as much productive time than those without, and report on significantly unhealthier lifestyle choices.

These are some pretty serious statistics right? It is more than likely that you can relate to at least one of these statistics and we want to give you the power to take control of these negative lifestyle elements. We have gathered just a few ways to make sure that you can both feel and be your best self!

1. Sleep- It is so important that your brain has time to rest and as adults we should all be looking to get around 7-9 hours each night. Envitbalty the hours sleep we get may vary from week to week depending on work commitments but how can you possibly perform to your best ability on a working day when your brain has had no rest. Not having enough sleep can lead to effects such as fatigue, lethargy, lack of motivation, Impaired brain activity; learning, concentration, memory problems and a weakened immune system; frequent colds and infections. 

2. Fueling your body- Would your car run on an empty tank of petrol? I think not and we need to treat our bodies in this same manor. Too often we hear workers saying ‘I do not have time for lunch’ when the reality is, if you have time to pop out to use the bathroom you have time to pop into the kitchen and fetch a snack. Whether you have prepared lunch the night before or are lucky enough to be in a co-working space like ours with shared lunches and snack offerings, remember to at least grab a sandwich or a substantial alternative.

3. SPEAK UP- It is ok to not always be ok and quite frankly every human on this planet has had a bad day every now and again but you must speak up if these days are becoming more frequent and affecting the time you spend outside of work. Whether you have a casual conversation with a colleague in a communal area or coffee outside of work with a friend- you must remember to breath and let people know when you are not feeling yourself.

4. Overworking- It is key to let your employers know when you are working above and beyond your working hours. There will inevitably be times when you have work commitments outside of the standard working day but you must be sure to keep track of these extra efforts and inform your employees if these commitments are proving to be too much pressure. Ensuring your laptop/notepad or any other work tools are kept away during social/family time is a good way of maintaining a healthy work time regime.

5. Recreational activities- Whether your a gymaholic or keen cake baker, you must remember to enjoy the things you love in any spare moments asides from your working day. Completing at least two recreational activities during the week will lead to more productive activity in the work space and bring you genuine happiness. This tip also ties in with keeping active as when your physical health is improving you will naturally notice a change in mindset.

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