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Just recently an article from The  Times on the best places in the UK for business was brought to our attention as Freedom Works Hove just happened to be featured. Although we were delighted to be featured in a National newspaper the statistics did not surprise us at all as being a start up business ourselves we have seen the economic growth drastically develop in Brighton over the years.

The article revealed how Brighton used to suffer from its proximity to London, with local talent often commuting to the capital for high-paid jobs but now the city is classified as a thriving start-up and scale-up scene.

Our mention stated: “Office space has been a problem for Brighton, but the situation is improving. Freedom Works, The Skiff and The Projects all provide flexible working space for entrepreneurs.”

Co-working spaces are inevitably leading to economic growth in areas which can perhaps be overlooked by the likes of London being so accessible through public transport.

So how are co-working spaces such as ours leading to economic growth?

  • Financial support- By businesses choosing to locate in shared spaces the pressures and costs of leased offices is lifted away and this can allow any  unnecessary expenditure to be put back into the business and support other areas of work.
  • Community- Whether a business has 5 or 50 employees lack of expertise in particular areas of business are always going to be overlooked if all the people in an office are completing the same line of work. By meeting and socialising with people in different lines of work/ industries you can reach out to other professionals and share knowledge and key tips to grow your business.  
  • Networking- If you are in a job where meeting clients face to face is unusual, a co-working space will open up endless opportunities to meet potential clients through social events hosted, new visitors and hot deskers of the space.
  • Flexibility- Here are Freedom Works we pride ourselves on our flexible work ethic and open opportunities for businesses to both increase and decrease in size to suit their business growth. This can also be done by our wide range of packages from hot desking to private office memberships.

What are the other areas of the UK leading economic growth?

According to a 2019 Vitality Index by Lambert Smith Hampton, Edinburgh is the city with the best prospects for UK economic growth, with Cambridge and Manchester coming in second and third place, despite the UK’s uncertain economic and political environment.
Identifying the best destinations to support future economic growth and provide opportunities for business expansion, the top five  rankings for 2019 are as follows:

  1. Edinburgh
  2. Cambridge
  3. Manchester
  4. Brighton & Hove
  5. Oxford

So as a business owner or employee it is time to ask yourself… could a co-working space allow your business to grow?

On the subject of considering a co-working space keep an eye out for our new hot desk trial and 2 hours of free meeting room vouchers! These can be found in all four of our spaces, various retail locations in towns and at many networking groups across the South Coast!

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