It is now time to start reflecting on the positive things that have come out of this challenging situation. Whether lockdown has turned you into the next Mary Berry with your baked creations or perhaps kick started a new business venture for you? As restrictions are slowly but surely being lifted we must reflect on the good that has come out of Covid-19.

Here are just some of the positive actions we have seen throughout the lockdown period:

  1. Community spirit- Despite the fact that most people have been shut away in their homes, many communities have never been closer. Community support groups have sprung up around the world with volunteers doing shopping and picking up prescriptions for the elderly and vulnerable. In the UK, a staggering 750,000 people answered the government’s plea for 250,000 National Health Service volunteers. Not forgetting clapping for careers and NHS staff every Thursday without fail around all different parts of the country.

  2. Reduced carbon emissions- As economies have ground to a halt, so has fossil fuel usage. Carbon emissions are set to decrease by more than 8% percent in 2020 as the Coronavirus pandemic causes the biggest shock to the global energy system in over 70 years, according to the International Energy Agency. In China, the country with the world’s biggest carbon footprint, emissions were cut by a quarter. The decrease has inevitably led to reports of cleaner air across the world.

  3. Reflection- Many people lead very busy lifestyles both at work and in their personal lives and this lockdown time has allowed everyone to take a step back and breath. People are reconnecting with distant relatives and friends who they may well have not connected with pre-lockdown. We have been able to really appreciate the simple pleasures and luxuries we had in a non Covid world.

  4. Clearer waterways- Alongside the reduction in pollution, clearer waters have also been spotted in locations across the globe. From Venice canals to here in the UK we are seeing the return of usually hidden sea life. From seals to fish of all varieties being spotted here down in the South Coast of England.

  5. Acknowledgement of our hidden key workers- From supermarket shelf-stackers and delivery drivers to careers in care homes we are able to recognise the hidden heroes who we actually depend on so heavily in day to day life. Supporting these hidden heroes through social media campaigns and donations has been essential to keep our key workers spirits as high as we can.

  6. Socialising at a distance- It is rather strange that at a time when we’re not allowed to physically see our friends, we’re making more of an effort than ever to keep up with them. Life before covid-19 was a busy world, just knowing that you could get on the train or into your car and see your friend anytime you like was enough to not bother with regular calls or texts. Now that staying in is the new going out, some have taken to dressing up for their weekly video chats. From quizzes to educational seminars we have seen that things can be done virtually and technology has allowed the world to communicate more than ever. 

  7. The importance of personal hygiene- Hygiene isn’t something that is always at the forefront of your mind. When you stop to think about how many people have potentially touched that self-service touch screen or how many people have held that same pole on the bus, it seems obvious that we should all be washing our hands more even when we defeat this virus entirely.

  8. Free access to make a healthy lifestyle change- We have been inundated with endless amounts of free workouts, recipes and advice from highly recommended personal trainers whether you have decided to take on a personal trainer and support a small local business throughout this time or follow celebrities live videos- it has never been easier and more affordable to get into shape and a make a difference to your well being. Keeping fit and building up and strong immune systems has never been so key for every individual out there. 

  9. Recognising wasted expenditure/cutting back costs- During lockdown you may have been busy saving those extra pennies what you usually spend on meals/nights out, events and days out. Throughout this time we have still seen such a high volume of enquiries into our co-working spaces as people have realised having an affordable and flexible workspace has and will be the new norm for any business person.

So, in short - the ‘new norm’ will provide a better quality of life (working closer to where you live), be better for the environment and save costs.  

Freedom Works are offering FLEXIBLE PACKAGES to enable employers, employees and freelancers to work near home across all 4 of our Sussex based workspaces.  If you would like to find out more contact us at [email protected] 

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