Everyone would agree that sales and marketing is a critical function of any business - without new and repeat custom, a business will quite quickly fail.  However, this might not be your  area of expertise and, in the context of our current challenging economic climate where competition can be fierce, there may be heavy pressure from  your customers to reduce your prices in order to secure sales.  Watch this webinar RECORDING to learn more.........

In this webinar, our expert panel explore the 'art and science' behind successful selling, what factors to take into consideration when developing our value proposition, how to communicate this to our customers and how to make our team/sales force our unique selling point.  We cover various aspects including who you should be speaking to, using your numbers to inform your strategy, relationship building and Jeff explains his 'iceberg' theory..........

I was joined by our fantastic panel of three experts with complementary skills and experience to explore our sales and marketing topic with very practical advice and guidance about how to improve your skills and strategy today - Jeff speaking from a sales perspective, David marketing and Paul from a practical, implementation perspective.  Let me introduce you:

  1. Jeff Downs, MD and the joint-founder of Quantum a long established sales improvement consultancy. For 28 years he has specialised in driving behavioural change in large selling operations and in the coaching of salespeople, sales managers and senior executives - [email protected]

  2. David A Richards - With his lifetime interest in developing customer value propositions and communication strategies, David started his company, Talk about Value Limited, in 2018 to offer advice to SMEs about how to create, validate and then communicate their genuine value to their prospects and customers - [email protected]

  3. Paul Wait - a 47 year veteran of the travel industry having held senior leadership positions at American Express Travel, Virgin Atlantic Airways, the Guild of Travel Management Companies and Southall Travel, Paul founded RedApple7 in 2018,  a consultancy practice, delivering experience led services that include Business Transformation, Business Development, Leadership, Digital Marketing and Procurement and Supply Chain Management - [email protected]

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