Why is a Flexible worker a happy worker? 

Do you know the benefits an employee gains from taking a flexible working approach?
We know maintaining morale and managing workloads can be difficult if you are new to working from home, or even if you have been working at home throughout lockdown. Fear not! We are almost at the other end... with more solutions than ever to help employees and businesses take it to the next level during these difficult times. Overcoming these initial problems can be challenging but we have a few tricks businesses can do to make sure their employees are well looked after.
1. Being upfront as to why this change is happing is a key starting point in gaining your employee's trust and will prove you are ready to put their interests first.  
2. Keeping continuous communication open is also crucial. Explaining the benefits of flexible working arrangements will help build trust and remove any potential issue later down the line.
3. Listen to your employees. Allowing your employee's time to discuss possible concerns will ultimately result in a more streamlined workforce. Setting aside some time to contact your employees directly allows them to voice any potential concerns they may have and address them early before they fester. Allowing your staff to express how they best function will help you to get the most out of them unlocking their true potential. This will also go a long way in maintaining their mental health and overall resulting in a happy worker.

Benefits to employees

Once successfully transitioned to a flexible working solution, employees will start to benefit tremendously. For example, eliminating long commutes massively reduces the likelihood of depression. People are able to spend that extra time with family, loved ones or forming healthy habits. Statistics show that people are 33% more likely to suffer from depression when they take long commutes to and from work, removing this helps make the wellbeing of the employee's a key factor, boosting the longevity of an employee's time with the company.
Focusing on the studies, some found that remote staff saw a 13% productivity boost when compared to their in-office counterparts. This ultimately adds to your business in a massive way.

Benefits to employers

By now, we know how employees are benefitted when undergoing the switch to flexible working, and ultimately their gain is your gain. Now I'm sure you are intrigued as to how flexible working benefits employers...
It comes as no surprise that flexible working has many perks from a business owners point of view, this includes boosts in productivity within employee's, it can help in attracting potential recruits and it can be more cost-efficient. Having the option of flexible working can make a big difference in attracting new recruits of top-level talent and lower the turnover of staff. On top of that, it's a great way of improving diversity.
Increasing your staff's mental health is massively valuable to a business, especially in the current climate, as we emerge out of lockdown (hoorah) the benefits of flexible working hours are more prevalent. For example, allowing staff members to manage their time effectively allows them to engage in family commitments that otherwise would have gone neglected due to strict working arrangements (and lockdowns). This in itself will massively boost a person's mental health and wellbeing, in turn hopefully give them the freedom to grow into a more fulfilling role.
We have started to see many companies such as Twitter, Apple, HSBC and many more adopt a flexible working solution such as hotdesking instead of the traditional office setup due to Covid-19, although as we are coming towards the end of the pandemic I strongly believe other companies will continue to follow suit after seeing the benefits of flexible workspaces achieved by these bigger players.

Assistance within the local area

We are sure you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of flexible working... so why don't you check out Freedom Works, A collaborative provider of Hotdesking and other flexible options with spaces all across the South.
Freedom Works aims to provide a productive space within local communities allowing their members to focus on what's important. We know working from home isn't for everyone and Freedom Works aims to provide a solution for employees and employers to save time and money.
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