Webinar - Selling Against the Odds

Whether you are a large corporate, an SME or a sole trader, sales and marketing is a critical function in every business -  it is your life blood and without new and repeat custom, any business will fail.  Competition is high at the best of times and most particularly in our current challenging economic environment.  Understanding and communicating your value proposition to your customer is key……...

In this 60 minute webinar, our expert panel, including Jeff Downs - Quantum Sales and the new Chair of the Gatwick Diamond Business Executive Council, David A Richards - Talk About Value and Paul Wait - RedApple7, will share their tips for sales success……...  

  • The ‘art and science’ behind successful selling

  • Why creating value is critical to long term business success.

  • The secrets of how to sell on value and avoid price pressure

  • The five key sources of value that business can use to build your value proposition so that you can charge what your products, services or professional expertise are truly worth.

  • The critical nature of constant value proposition enhancement

  • Why you should ‘love’ your competitors 

  • How your sales force can be your USP

  • Why sales training alone does not improve performance
  • The importance of constant investment in people.