Why Creativity is at the Heart of Success

Do you wish you could spot and take opportunities more easily and more profitably?

Would you like to boost your problem-solving, lateral-thinking and innovation skills?

Do you want to navigate change more effectively and with less stress and uncertainty?

In this enjoyable and interactive session, the creative professionals at DesignSprintz (part of proactivebydesign.co.uk) will share Top Tips on how to:

 - Improve how you generate, evaluate and select ideas

-  Enhance your daily effectiveness

-  Harness creativity to navigate through uncertainty

-  Overcome barriers to your creative thinking

This workshop will be delivered by Proactive by Design Co-founder Alvaro Bravo Cole and best-selling author Rod Judkins, who have delivered/consulted on creativity for organisations such as Google, Apple, Samsung, Porsche, Nestle NHS England. Rod has also written 3 bestselling books on how to grow your creative skills