West Sussex Recover and Rise Digital Training - #12 Networking and AdviceWest Sussex Recover and Rise #12 Networking and Advice

An ideal opportunity for you to pose your questions to our expert panel and to network with your peers, sharing your experiences, challenges and successes.

  • Introduction to the Remo platform, completing your profile, your virtual business card and moving between virtual tables

  • Introduction to the expert panel

  • Networking

  • Q&As

In the New Year, West Sussex County Council is supporting a new initiative across the county to help small businesses who are finding the current climate commercially tough.  The West Sussex Recover & Rise in 2021 programme is a series of twelve FREE online workshops designed to give small businesses a robust toolkit to not only survive through another year of unpredictable times, but to thrive.

These sessions have been put together by local experts (Rume2, Shake It Up Creative, Digibubble, Freedom Works, Creative Bloom, Let’s Get Coffee, Meghan Fenn, Estelle Dingley - DIT, in partnership with the County Council) to help business owners define, communicate and market in the right way to attract and retain customers throughout 2021.

From product/service definition to networking, from setting goals & KPIs to tracking success through analytics, from action planning to digital marketing, ,selling online and ecommerce, website design and development, this programme will give small and micro companies the structure and sales that many of them desperately need as we head into a new year.


This event will be hosted on the Remo event platform.  If you are unfamiliar with using the Remo platform…….don’t worry - this is new to us all!  Joanne will provide you with all of the information that you need to navigate the platform.  When you first arrive you will be virtually seated on a table with three other participants. Only those at your table will be able to see and hear you so, please switch your camera and microphone on and introduce yourself.   When the event starts, your microphone will be automatically muted and your camera switched off while Joanne introduces you to the expert panel and explains how to use the platform.  While you wait for the event to start, you may want to complete your profile…...click on the top right hand corner and you can update your details and add a picture.

Take this opportunity to network and pose your questions to our experts who include: 

  • Keith Bateup, Digibubble, a full service digital marketing agency which includes website design and development and digital marketing.  Digibubble offer business support to ensure that digital aspects of your business fulfill their potential and deliver results.

  • Estelle Dingley - International Trade Adviser, Department for International Trade.  Estelle is a Growth Mentor who specialises in global strategy, export sales, ecommerce and digital.

  • Meg Fenn, Creative Designer - Meg helps people to be creative and to stay creative in order to problem solve and innovate. She creates and delivers marketing projects from strategy through to marketing, web design and SEO implementation.  She is also a community engagement leader and marketing mentor and works with a few select organisations on a long term, permanent contracts.

  • Katie Lacy and Oli Witcomb, Let’s Get Coffee, business focused developers who help people get the most from their website.  They bring ideas to the table with a business and realistic approach with profit margins and ROI’s in mind.

  • Rachael Dines, a Chartered Marketer and the Director of Shake It Up Creative who has 20 years marketing experience across employed, self-employed and Director roles. Rachael also provides marketing mentoring for members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and business advisor services for members of the small business community.

  • The session is hosted on the Remo event platform by Joanne Yates who heads up the Freedom Works Member Accelerator Support Service which encourages collaboration within the Freedom Works co-working community and external partners.  Freedom Works currently has co-working spaces in Hove, Worthing, Gatwick and Chichester and offers flexible, professional coworking solutions to SMEs, freelancers and solo workers.

……..and please use this opportunity to network with your peers, sharing your experiences, challenges and successes and make lots of new connections.


This workshop is ideal for small business owners and micro businesses who sell from a physical location or within a specific geographical area and want to learn about how to integrate digital marketing techniques into their business to expand their markets and sell online.  This is an opportunity to speak to our experts in small group settings or one-to-one to discuss your challenges and aspirations and also to share your experiences and knowledge with other business owners.

This workshop is part of a series of twelve workshops for West Sussex Recover & Rise 2021 - to see other workshops available click here.